In 2012 Angela Pionegro founded an organization to promote and set up Urban Farm program models for people with developmental disabilities and special needs. Her efforts include concept design, site development, promotion, grant writing/fundraising, recruitment, staff training, workshops, and budget management. Angela has 25+ years of experience in program development and management for people with special needs. Since 2012 she has created successful programs for urban farms in Brooklyn NY, and most recently the successful “Giving Garden” in a collaborative effort with a Queens non-profit and Home Depot.

Each Plant To Give project establishes an organizational mission and strategic plan to help promote the following goals:

Community Connections

Charitable Contributions

Vocational Opportunities

       Sustainable Living Practices

Healthy Lifestyle Plans






Nancy McCabe is a retired Detective from the NYPD, having worked throughout Brooklyn and Queens for 20 years. Decorated and recognized for her work, she served in some of the highest profile communities.

In 2001, Nancy was a first responder in the aftermath of 911. She comforted families and worked under the most difficult circumstances responding to people in their time of greatest need.

In 2012, Nancy was a part of developing the very first urban garden for The Urban Farm Project and has been volunteering her services and expertise ever since. 






Michael DeGrottole has spent 25 + years in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities, specializing in the treatment of autistic children.

His experience includes 11 years as a 

         Residential and HR Director, and 4 years at             the Floating Hospital, where he

directed rehabilitation services for 92 clinics throughout New York State. He spent 14 years as the Vice President of Programs at Mercy Home for Children, and is currently the Associate Executive Director at a non profit agency in Nassau County. 

Michael is a jazz enthusiast and former Music Therapist who has developed Music Therapy programs and other special enrichment projects for people with disabilities throughout NYC.