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Automate & Manage Your Software Supply Chain Security

Armed with a complete view of your organization’s software assets, Anchore Enterprise allows you to find and prevent malicious content from reaching your users. 

Prevent software supply chain attacks with Anchore

Anchore’s end-to-end, SBOM-powered software supply chain security management platform protects you and your customers at every step, from SBOM monitoring to policy enforcement to remediation. Anchore integrates at every stage of the software development process from source code to build to runtime. Every package, every library, every version is cataloged and stored.  This enables organizations to find out where content is, where it came from, and how it changed.

Anchore’s policy engine ensures you can automate checks to detect and prevent malicious content at every step in your pipeline and ensure only the most trusted content is released to downstream users. With its flexible APIs, Anchore integrates with your existing platforms and tools to ensure that it starts delivering value without major changes to how you build and run software.

End-to-end SBOM coverage

Comprehensive, end-to-end SBOM management reduces risk and increases transparency in software supply chains. Anchore automatically generates and analyzes comprehensive SBOMs at each step of the development lifecycle. SBOMs are stored in a repository to provide visibility into components, dependencies, and continuous vulnerability monitoring.

Enforce provenance controls

Flexible policy rules ensure only approved content is allowed into your software pipeline. Create strict rules for production that only allow use of internal builds but allow developers to experiment with new open source libraries.  Use Anchore Enterprise to better understand which vendors you are using in your applications.

Prevent content drift

Detect SBOM drift in the build process to uncover unexpected dependencies, malicious efforts to infiltrate builds, and inadvertent errors. Alert security staff to changes in SBOMs so they can be assessed for risks or malicious activity.

See a tutorial of Anchore Enterprise here. 

How Anchore helps secure your software supply chain

Remediation Recommendations License Analysis Vulnerability Analysis Vulnerability Feeds Analyze Vulnerability Matching Policy Engine Reports & Notifications Scanner OSS & Source Code CI/CD Registries Kubernetes WORKLOAD SBOM Generation

Who benefits from Anchore’s software supply chain security platform


Respond to the next Log4Shell in minutes rather than days. Enforce usage policies across your developers to ensure they are only using trusted components and avoid the reputation and financial costs of being the next high profile supply chain attack victim.

Software Vendors

Establish customers’ trust in your product by demonstrating good practices in software supply chain security. Provide transparency about open source dependencies in your product and their provenance.

Public Sector

Comply with the Secure Software Development Framework by generating and storing SBOMs across software you develop, buy, or use. Understand your dependency on open source software and its associated risks.

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Software Supply Chain Security FAQs

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Chevron icon What is software supply chain security?
  • Software supply chain attacks strike at the most vulnerable segment of software, the build process. It’s where software vendors, system integrators, or internal developers bring together contributions and integrations from multiple sources.

Dive deeper into the topic on our cornerstone page here.

Chevron icon What is the primary threat to software supply chain security?

The technical and operational complexity of a software supply chain takes security risks to a new level. The historically open, collaborative nature of software development has helped improve development efficiency. Unfortunately, this has led to one of the most pervasive operating principles: assume your suppliers are doing the right thing. 

The software supply chain security model makes it challenging to “trust but verify” so as a supply chain owner it’s even more important to ask for more information about the software while improving collaboration and communications up and down the software supply chain. Two of the most important aspects to consider when securing your software supply chain are securing software workloads and securing development toolchains.

Chevron icon What are a few examples of software supply chain attacks?

The SolarWinds and HAFNIUM breaches show we’re entering a new era of cyber attacks. While industry and government cybersecurity teams face new onslaughts of attacks every day, a software supply chain attack takes emerging threats to the next level. Conventional cybersecurity strategies can’t counter an attack against an organization’s software supply chain.

More recently, the extensive use of Log4j and the severity of the exploit means security professionals and development teams are going to take a more proactive stance to resolution. What the industry has learned from these attacks is that it’s imperative to get immediate visibility into your software supply chain risk using open source tools or paid platform like Anchore Enterprise. One thing is for sure, as we get ready for the long haul, teams must prepare for the next inevitable critical issue that surfaces.

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Automate compliance checks using out-of-the-box and custom policies.

Open Source Security

Improve open source security by easily tracking direct and transitive open source dependencies to identify and fix vulnerabilities early.


Automate DevSecOps for your cloud-native software supply chain with an API-first DevSecOps solution.

Container Security

Identify and remediate container security risks and monitor post-deployment for new vulnerabilities.

FedRAMP Vulnerability Scanning

Meet the new FedRAMP Vulnerability Scanning Requirements for Containers and achieve compliance faster with Anchore.

Container Vulnerability Scanning

Reduce false positives and false negatives with best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio.

Kubernetes Images Scanning

Allow or prevent deployment of images based on flexible policies and continuously monitor the inventory of insecure images running in your clusters.

Container Registry Scanning

Identify and remediate new risks and vulnerabilities as they emerge.

CI/CD Security & Compliance

Embed security and compliance into your CI/CD pipeline to uncover vulnerabilities, secrets, and malware in your automated build processes.

Software Bill of Materials

Get comprehensive visibility of your software components and ensure vulnerability accuracy with the most complete SBOM available. Generate, store, analyze, and monitor SBOMs across the application lifecycle to identify software dependencies and improve supply chain security.

Container Compliance

Automate compliance checks using out-of-the-box and custom policies.

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