CI/CD Security & Compliance

Easily embed security and compliance into your CI/CD pipeline.

Uncover vulnerabilities, secrets, and malware in your automated build processes.
Sample of Anchore API code and list of multiple types of APIs available in Anchore Enterprise

Frictionless developer experience.

100% API coverage and fully-documented APIs enable developers to work seamlessly in the tools they already use. Automate scanning in source code repos, CI/CD pipelines or container registries through native integrations. Streamline remediation of issues with notifications through GitHub, JIRA, Slack, and more.
Air Force reports it spends 22% less time on rework because of Anchore

Faster remediation.

Find vulnerabilities and security issues as you build, remediating quickly with automated workflows.
Anchore reducing false positives

Fewer false positives.

Optimize development velocity with an unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio. Get fewer false positives with vulnerability results that are pinpointed to a specific distro. Use flexible policies to prioritize based on severity or availability of a fix. Provide “corrections” and “hints” that improve results going forward. Add vulnerabilities to allowlists to prevent ongoing alerts.

How Anchore works with CI/CD.